Seeding Labs Seeking Applicants and Reviewers for Instrumental Access

Instrumental Access is now open for applications.

We are looking for university departments located in low- and middle-income countries where the faculty are conducting strong scientific research and teaching the next generation, but need equipment to fully realize their work. The deadline for applications has been extended to 2 August 2015. Applications that are received by the original deadline of 15 July 2015 will be reviewed for completeness and can be resubmitted by the new deadline if necessary. Interested applicants can view the full Request for Applications on our website:

Seeding Labs is also seeking volunteer reviewers to help us assess these applications later this fall.

Serving as a reviewer will give you a window into the diversity of research projects, the successes and the needs of global scientists and their students. By reviewing, you”ll have the chance to connect them with the equipment to continue pursuing their important work. Read our reviewer guidelines and sign up here:

Please direct questions about applying or reviewing to:

Seeding Labs is a US-based nonprofit whose mission is to catalyze science research and education in developing countries. Our flagship program, Instrumental Access, provides high-quality scientific equipment for research and education to university departments in low- and middle-income countries at an affordable price. Since 2008 we have equipped labs in 13 countries with nearly $3M of equipment and supplies.


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