Robin Wright Graduate Fellowship

Robin Wright Graduate Fellowship

The Robin Wright Graduate Fellowship supports research by a graduate student from the Islamic World or Africa enrolled in the Rackham Graduate School up to $4,000.  Review a list of majority-Muslim countries considered for this purpose to comprise the Islamic World.  Read about the first Robin Wright Graduate Fellowship Recipient.

Preference will be given to graduate students pursuing research in international and global issues in the contemporary period, with a focus on political, economic or societal change as well as new solutions to issues arising from the spread of globalization.  Particular attention will be given to research abroad.  Also, in order to ensure that as broad a range of people as possible is able to do research on international topics, women graduate students and students intending to return to their home countries to contribute their scholarly and professional skills are particularly encouraged to apply.

Application must be postmarked by February 1, 2013.

To apply, please submit an original and  four copies of a packet that contains the following:

  • A proposal of not more than 1500 words describing the objectives and methods of the planned research project
  • The cover information sheet and project budget itemizing all costs and showing how the Wright funds would fit into the budget and how additional costs, if any, would be covered
  • Two letters of recommendation including the Request for Reference cover sheet, both of which should come from faculty in the applicant’s discipline(s). The letters and cover sheets may be submitted directly by recommenders separately from the application.
  • An updated curriculum vitae
  • A transcript
  • Proof of IRB approval for the project (if relevant for the nature of the research)

Please mail or deliver your application packets to:

Center for the Education of Women
Attention: Doreen Murasky / Scholarship Manager and Senior Counselor
330 E. Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2274
Telephone: 734.764.7271 Fax: 734.998.6203 


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